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Calendaring Roll Stands

Calendaring Roll Stands

Calendaring Machines

We offer several classes of calendaring systems to meet your budgetary and quality levels.

Roll Gap Systems

We offer three systems to control the roll gap. We offer both full hydraulic and hybrid systems to all markets. Also available are full mechanical systems that allow basic operation for the driven roll gap. However, the mechanical systems are not qualified to meet western safety standards.


Our hybrid system offers you the speed and strength of a hydraulic system along with the convenient control of a full mechanical system without the expense of digital hydraulics.

Roll Drive Systems

Depending on the application, we offer three types of drive systems.


1.  Cone Drives & Calendaring Systems

For reliability, flexibility and strength, we offer cone drive sets. Cone drives allow independent operation of each roll. This easily accounts for different diameter rollers. Cone drives also offer a long service life with little maintenance.


If your operating conditions require multiple textures on a single extrusion system, we offer a calendaring system that allows for quick roll changes when using cone drive systems.


2.  Chain Driven Systems

For the economical minded, we offer a chain driven system. Chain driven systems are inexpensive but require constant maintenance and can be easily damaged.


3.  Belt Driven Systems

A slightly more expensive system when compared to chain driven systems, belt driven systems offer less maintenance and reduce the likelihood of roll chattering caused by the chains.

Calendar Rolls

We commonly produce calendar rolls in lengths up to 6 meters and diameters up to 1000mm. For the most stringent applications, we offer imported rollers.

Roller Material

Most roller substrate is 45# seamless pipe steel. If the application requires, forged steel or a stainless steel is used.

Embossing Finishes

We offer most texture capabilities through the use of polishing, media blasting, etching and laser technology to meet your RA, RZ standards, or digital sheet texture matching specifications.