Welcome to UWAY Extrusion

With factory operations based in Warren, Ohio (USA), Uway Extrusion engineers and builds custom extrusion systems with outputs of up to 14,000 lbs/hr. Uway Extrusion is dedicated to making advancements in the plastic extrusion machinery industry. Whether it be engineering and building systems to fit in-line with thermoforming machinery or integrating compounding directly into the extrusion process, Uway Extrusion has the solutions for you.

Uway builds extrusion systems using simple designs and focusing only on the top component suppliers in order to provide our customers with dependable machinery that produces consistent, high quality and high volume output. Uway specializes in customized systems from the lab scal up to 7 tons per hour.

Having installations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Uway has a global view of our customers and therefore we use components that are of international standards. This means when maintenance does occur your staff will not have to spend time retrofitting parts. Downtime during maintenance will be reduced, maintenance expenses will be lower, and more time can be spent producing sellable product.

In 2014 Uway manufactured 64 sheet lines and approximately 130 twin-screw extruders. Much of Uway Extrusion’s success can be attributed to sole owner Dustin Kremer’s background. “Being third generation and having experience operating, maintaining and building the [extruders],” Kremer said, “I have a unique perspective on how to create the machinery to meet the customers’ needs. I focus on keeping the machinery simple and reliable, while making the extruders generic enough that parts can be locally sourced to prevent production delays.”

Our Background

Uway Extrusion LLC sole-owner Dustin Kremer grew up in plastics. His grandfather founded plastic sheet extrusion processor Futurex Industries located in Bloomingdale, Indiana in 1969. During high school and for the first part of college, Dustin paid his way by working at his grandfather’s plastic extrusion factory in various roles including quality control, production, and maintenance and later in an engineering role.
Dustin graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington in 2005 with a bachelors degree in Finance. He always wanted to own his own import/export business and after graduation Dustin began working for an international furniture company with production in China. After getting a knack for how to do business in China and establishing some business contacts there, Dustin returned to his plastics roots in an engineering role and began sourcing plastic extrusion machinery from China.
Soon after, Dustin embarked on his own entrepreneurial adventure in manufacturing plastic extrusion machinery by partnering with Chinese-native Will Wood to begin Shanghai Uway Plasmech LLC in 2008. It was at Shanghai Uway Plasmech LLC where Dustin first began engineering and building quality extrusion systems in the global marketplace.
Having refined his manufacturing techniques and extruder design principles, Dustin Kremer officially created Uway Extrusion LLC in 2013 and in 2015 began shifting machinery production for the North American and European markets to his Warren, Ohio facility where he has more oversight and control in the building of the machinery.
our background
our background

The Uway Advantage

High Quality, Reliable Automated Machinery

  • Produces promised output.
  • Uway uses only the highest quality suppliers from Germany, USA & China for our machines.

Peace of Mind

  • We will not ship until it produces your desired output and sheet quality.
  • We highly encourage you to visit our factory and fully test YOUR machine prior to shipping it.
  • L/C contracts available for additional peace of mind.

Proven Results

  • Increased operational efficiency and decreased operational expenses.
  • One of our existing customers increased output by 4x, with more than double the quality of existing machines, and did so at approximately a fifth of the cost of a new domestic system.

Consistent High Quality Output

  • Increase your competitive standing by offering superior quality product.
  • Increase your customer satisfaction.
  • Increase your revenue.

Ease of Operation

  • Machines are simple to use.
  • Input initial settings and then let the machine run.
  • No need to frequently adjust settings.

CNC Produced Machinery

  • Ease of replacement.
  • No retrofitting.

Up to a 4x Faster Payback Period

  • The same quality of machine as western or German produced systems but only a fraction of the cost.

Higher Return on Investment

  • Increased revenues.
  • The same quality of machine as western or German produced systems but only a fraction of the cost (Same as above).
  • Save hundreds of thousands (in most cases over a million dollars) over the life of our systems.
  • Reduced maintenance expenses and down time as our components are of international standards and readily available locally, eliminating the need to retrofit parts, thus allowing you to spend more time producing your output.